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Home 2010 - Overview

Design Contest - Overview

Take a look at the basic maps of our contestants!

Click on any picture gets You to the Basic Maps' Gallery; click on a Team Name gets You to the Team's dedicated page.


You have decided who will get the Budapest MSW Prize and the MSW Community Prize - both to be announced at the Award Ceremony!

Registration and voting for The MSW Design Contest 2009 is closed.

What kind of world would YOU create in our scale model layout?


The sky is the limit! You are invited to create Your imagination in


The MSW Design Contest 2009:

Far Worlds - Best of Science Fiction!


The MSW Design Contest is a world-wide contest about imagining various parts of MiniSpaceWorld. Participants shall create a high-level content design including a theme description, map and graphical representations; the layout scale can be 1:87 ( the standard H0 Scale) or 1:100. The three MSW awards, the Budapest MSW Prize and the MSW Community's Prize will be given to the winners at a dedicated award ceremony.

The themes covered by MSW are extremely rich and vivid, with billions of lovely facets: this is especially - but not exclusively - true for Far Worlds - Best of Science Fiction, which is the topic of the 2009 Design Contest. There is an enormous variety of worlds described in excellent SF stories and visualized in magazines and movies.

The contest will be open for everybody from the world. One-member teams are allowed and one person can participate in several teams.

Submission deadline war the 1st November 2009. The award ceremony will be held in Budapest on the 5th December 2009.

Here You can go the details - everything At a Glance:


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