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Team: Team Wolf's Freedom

Leader: Ádám Szilágyi

City / State: Debrecen

Country: Hungary

Team members: Ádám Szilágyi (designer), Dávid Rives (writer)

In real life, we are students in a highschool in Debrecen. We go to the third (11th) class.

AdamI (Adam) design a lot of all kinds - from unique choppers through great houses to future spaceships. After all I'd like to be an architect. :-) - Ádám Szilágyi - 17 years old

David with a toucanI'd (David) like to be a pilot. :-) So I love everything, that connected with airplanes. But I like to write stories, so we decided to make brief stories to our application. - Dávid Rives - almost 17 years old :-)

Team Wolf's Freedom

Basic Plan and Design




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Detailed Description

We’ve written this application, due to we find the MSW Contest really good entertainment is. Our team, Wolf’s Freedom presents its world of an own science fiction for the MSW Design Contest 2009. We like reading or watching sci-fi presentation, and now we would like to represent our imagination in this theme.

Because we don’t know exactly the sizes of the exhibition room, the tables can be arranged with very little change, not only like on this overview.

This main picture is an upper view of our plotting board, so you can’t find every details of course. However, our scenery pictures will help you to imagine our fictions.

Our aim is to awake the new, young generation to the fact that sci-fi is an amasing thing. And if they learn physics and maths well, they could also be an astronaut. And maybe they will reach that planet, where this city will be built.

Our application may have some differences from the others’. We have written some short stories, that belong to the interactive points of our boards. These stories might help you to understand clearly the work of our interactive points. We did not to want to follow any writers’ story or book, so we decided to create our own stories. Of course, the points work and are understandable without these brief stories as well but this is complete in this way.

We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Wolfs.Freedom_Detailed_Description.pdf 5.74 Mb (This file contains also the highlights descriptions, called Interactive Points by Team Wolf's Freedom.)


MSW.02 MSW.03
MSW.04 MSW.18

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Interactive point #1: Landing Center

The arrival to an unknown planet - Story

Eight months has passed since a spaceship called Justice left Earth. On it there were travelling twenty soldiers and two pilots. They were travelling to a nearby galaxy. They were going to arrive in five hours, so everybody were busy.

Captain Jaden the leader of the unit was in the cockpit, when the airport established made contact with them. Suddenly a man appeared in front of him on the hologram.

’ Justice, do you copy me? Here general Scot speaks.’

’ We hear you clearly, sir.’ – answered captian Jaden.

’ We’ve been waiting for you and for the cargo.’ - said Scot. – ’ In the airport there will be waiting a troop, when you arrive. After that all of you can have a short rest.’

’ All right, general! I’ll contect you when we arrive, sir.’

’ Ok. Have a good landing!’

After this conversation Jaden reflected on the planet, where they were arriving. He didn’t know anything of it, it was complitly unknown to him. It was the first time, when he had to leave Earth. He thought it would be difficult and he was right.

The captain went back to his bedroom to pack. It wasn’t big, rather small, there were only a bed, a 3D monitor on the wall and some wardrobes for the clothes.

He had been living there for eight months, but now he was leaving it. Soon they were going to start to land, and he wanted to see that from the edge of the shuttle’s bridge. So he had to hurry with the packing.

Three hours later a voice from the loudspeaker said that everybody should take their seats and fasten the seat belts, because they were entering into the atmosphere.

Captain Jaden took his seat and was following the landing with attention. The pilotes were a little bit nervous, because they were afraid of that the sunsail would not get lowered. But there weren’t any problems. Suddenly the spaceship began to tremble:

‘Is there any problem?’ – asked captain Jaden.

’Nothing, sir. We’re just in a whirlwind, but don’t worry, we are keeping the situation under control, sir!’

Nobody could see anything, they were flying in some kind of cloud. Finally, after half an hour, the aircraft could get out of it and the soldiers could see where they were going. Their destination was in front of them. ’Oh, my God!’ – shouted somebody – ’but that’s a city!’ Nobody could believe what they were seeing, big domes of glas, a gigantic football pitch, mines, launching pad, houses like at Home, communication center with huge satellits and laser radars. While they were admiring the town, the airplane approached the landing ground. ’ Captain, we have the permisson to land!’ ’ Do it!’ – ordered Jaden.

The spaceship slowed down, and touched down. Immediately fifty soldiers crept out from their hiding place and encircled the aircraft.

’ I want everybody to be prepared in five minutes, in special clothes and with weapons!’ – said Jaden – ’ I must make contact with general Scot!’

’ There’s no use talking with him, Sir. He’s just calling us’ – said one of the pilotes.

’Sir, what are these soldiers doing here?’ – asked Jaden. – ’ Captian, they are my soldiers! They protect you and your ship!’

’ But don’t any help, sir!’ – opposed captain Jaden. ’ That’s an order!’ –said definitely the general.

There was nothing to do, an order must be completed. The captain and his unit got out of the spaceship and ordered the cargo to be taken off.

Technical Data

MSW.26This first stage is the most dinamic point of our boards. Lots of spaceships, shuttles, speeders moving all over this board. Push the button, and admire the ships how they land or take off with sound and light effects. The modells can run on thin rope-railways, which allow fascinating orbits. In our pictures you can’t see every single movements, only the place, due to the computer. We couldn’t visualize everything.

The yellow shuttle is the Justice. It’s a sunsail ship. When it is in the space, it goes by its sails. When it comes down the atmosphere, closes the sails and slide down to the edge of the Landing center.

Here you can see another type of ships. It looks similar a pen-cap. It is a cargo-transporter ship. It goes by a small ARK-reactor (although it’s larger than a man), which produce energy enough. The whole Landing center was designed for this type of ship, because it’s a standard in this system.

Interactive point #2: The stadium

We gave a new perspective of watching football!

Windkids versus Green Beings - Story

MSW.29’Captain, the game is starting in five minutes!’ – shouted John. ’ I know, hurry up soldiers!’

Two days have passed since an aircraft called Justice arrived. The crew couldn’t have a rest because they were on duty. They had to go to the football stadium to secure a match. The game was said to be exciting. Windkids would play against the Green Beings for the Galactic Cup. Everybody wanted to watch it, so the stadium was full of humans and strange creatures.

’ Okay everybody, I know that all of you love football. But now we must take care of this people! Any questions?’ – asked Jaden, but everything was clear. ’ Good. Everybody to their positions, the match is starting!

’ Good evening ladies and gentlemen! My name is Caspar and I’m going to transmit this great match. And now the two teams step up the stage and the game is starting in a few minutes! None of the teams have got any injured player.’

’ So Windkids has the first kick, the two strikers of the team is approaching the center. Now we are only waiting for the ball.’ – And the ball immediately appears in front of the strikers legs. The Windkids player passes the ball, and the match begins, now Tom is running with the ball…

Technical Data

MSW.19The building of the stadium is an exploded modell. So you can see inside of the building. There aren’t any buttons, here’s only a sensor. When a visitor get closer to the modell, sounds getting louder, and all over the stadium cameras’ flashlight flashing, flags flaming. As mixed as a real footballmatch nowadays.

MSW.20The football pitch is in the middle of the stadium. It’s levitating by magnetic power. And the whole pitch is translucent, so the spectators can watch the match from downsides. Our aim is: ’to give a new perspective of watching football’.

However, for this time, when there aren’t any football matches in order to the bottom of the stadium is unexploited, we planned two large swimming pools. So anybody can swim in the real, fresh water such as in Earth.

Interactive point #3: Drilling

MSW.30The only point, where is no story. Here you can admire the awesome, natural, spiky surface of this planet. Under the surface, a huge tunnel drill works with workers in pressure suit. The side of the table covered by glass, so you can see inside of the score as the workers and the drill bur and in the dark cave only the small lights light. And you can also hear the loud sound of the machines. When you push the button, the drill makes slowly a circle under the board, and you can see an arc from these movement.

Interactive point #4: Main Square

Concert on the main square - Story

It was a beautiful and fresh night, although I don’t think that anybody was sleeping. The main square was full of people, nobody wanted to miss the concert of the most famous band in this system of the galaxy. They were going to play pop-rock, and band name was Deserters.

MSW.22The center of the ˝space-city” was under a big glassdome, and there were fountains, trees and clocks. The clocks showed the local general-time in several planets such as Earth, Saturn and Mars. All around the glassdome there were lots of important buildings such as the landing center, the Galaxy Theater or the Galactic Embassy.

Luckily tonight captain Jaden wasn’t on duty, so he could enjoy the concert from the first line. Around him there were thousands of people from all around the galaxy. He didn’t find any strangeness, everythig was in order.

The leader of the band stepped up onto the stage, immediately the crowd began to applaud him. ’ Thank you! Thank you very much! Here comes our first song called Trick’ – and he started playing on his electric gitar.

Technical Data

The concert takes place under the three-metre-diameter glassdome, which is amost in the model scale 3 kilometres. When you push the button, the little people start to rage. The crowd are moving, waveing. And you hear peal the music with an old, traditional electric guitar, and the other musical isntruments. The scenery is amasing: more than 1000 little, almost 2 centimetres high people are moving. And among them, there are not only human beings.

The Main Square is an exploded dome – similary to the Stadium modell – in order. So you can see the moving beings and to hear the music. Some little lights could colour the events.

Interactive point #5: Natural surface - Maglev situation

Railway accident - Story

MSW.13Captian Jaden decided to visit the center, so he went with his two bodyguards to the nearest maglev station. When they arrived, a train just was coming to the stop. They got into the last carriage and took a sit.

The magnetic train moved forward faster and faster. On a screen passangers could see how rapid they were moving. Now it was showing 806 km/h. Suddenly the train began to reduce speed, but nobody knew why, after all there wasn’t any stop nearby. The wind rose too and it churned immediately the sand up, so nobody could see anything outside.

MSW.14Jaden went forward to ask the driver if they could help, but he was too busy to talk. He was trying to establish contact with the next station, but he couldn’t. After a while Jaden asked him: ’ Sir, could we help in anything? As you see we are soldiers and…’ – But the driver interrupted Jaden: ’ Thank you, but everything is fine!’

Suddenly the train shaked and the passengers started crying. Some of them were shouting that an aircraft crashed into the train and the oxygen started to escape.

’ Put the helmets on guys! We are going to jump off the train.’ – said Jaden to his guards. ’Somebody should ring the ambulance!’

Fortunately they were wearing a special clothing which allowed them to jump bigger, and to leave the train.

MSW.15So the vehicle stopped an than they could leave it behind. The wind stopped blowing so the visibility was getting better. The captian heard some voices so he began to follow them. In a little while he arrived to the scene of the accident, he couldn’t believe his eyes. A big spaceship was in lumps and the carriages were flaming.

Technical Details

The railway, which is actually a maglev rail, could be built really simple. As the train-boards today. The rail is lied on the pillars. And without button, the maglev can run on schedule. The control panel can be placed under a table.

Essentially, this scene is only a picture, because in an accident does not move anything. But you can see the emergency-trucks levitating around the injured maglev. If you push the button, you can heard the loud siren from the emergency truck like the firetrucks’s sound nowadays.

Interactive point #6: Launching Pad

Journey back to Earth - Story

MSW.11It was a sunny, but windy day, the day of the blastoff of the spaceship called Colosses. The crew felt homesick, because they has been too long far from their family. They had only a few hours on this fascinating planet, and they would be travelling eight months long to reach their aim, the Earth.

Captain Jaden was the leader of the unit again which was going back Home. There were four pilots aside from the armed military group. All of them were prepared to get into the aircraft and to be launched.

’All aboard!’ – shouted someone. Everybody of the crew went to the lift, and they swiftly got in it. In one minute they were in front of the entrance of the miitary spaceship. They had had a last look around, before they boarded. ’ Take your seat, everybody!’ – said Jaden, who rapidly sat down.

A voice from a loud-speaker said only two minutes were left. ’ Everybody to their position!’ – said the captain. These two minutes passed like two seconds.

Suddenly a voice began to count down: ’ Ten, nine, eight … five, four, three … one – Bon voyage (zero), gentlemen!’

Technical Details

This scenery is the last point of our project. The Launching Center. Push the button, and the military space shuttle start to lift. You can hear also laud sounds, bang of the engines. This scenery may be out-of-date. Othervise, in our imagaination this launching is a military version, the ultimate version. So the launch produce more energy for the shuttle, and with this variation of leaving an atmosphere is more effective and faster version than the new, still immature version. I mean the Landing Center, where spaceships swim slowly to sidelong, and from there go ahead and take off.

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